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We are looking for the best of the best to create top of the line and give fresh perspective on today’s technology

Make a Difference
Love what you do
R.D. Plast is a great place to work :

RD Plast has a pleasant and safe working environment

A Place where you feel comfortable and where you can perform optimally, discover new possibilities, you will be challenged to push your boundaries and create innovative ideas.


R.D. Plast is a professionally managed company that can introduce you to the future. For its employees, R.D. Plast offers competitive salaries and a comprehensive range of benefits. These benefits will keep our employees healthy and enable them to balance the demands of their work and personal lives.

Great Opportunities

We offer opportunities for fast growth to talented individuals and technical experts in offices.

Great Rewards

Guaranteed rewards for exceptional employee performance

Great Spirit

We look after those who are determined to succeed, and who demonstrate great initiative and professional skills.

We believe that the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement. So, we offer an opportunity to instill the needed skill to help our employees expand their knowledge base by empowering them with the required trainings and skills sets.

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