RD Plast


New and innovative products

RD Plast will continue to invent in new products that achieve a completely unique function and become a radical breakthrough. We will also innovate better and have more effective products, processes, services and technologies.

Customer’s experience

We will make sure that the sum of all experiences a customer has with RD Plast, over the duration of their relationship will be the best in the industry.


RD Plast team members will not only perform and promise to do everything we say but we will exceed our promises.

Continuous improvement

We commit to an ongoing effort to improve products, services and processes. These efforts can be "incremental" improvement over time or "breakthrough" improvement all at once. We will constantly evaluate all the processes and improve in the light of their efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility.


We will consistently work on improving the design of the products to be more aesthetically pleasing and functional.


We will considerably improve our team members’ skill by acquiring and applying scientific, economic, social and practical knowledge in order to design and manufacture products.


For our Manufacturing plants we will use the best machines, tools and labour to produce our products.


We will consistently improve our operations to transform resources into desired products and services to create and deliver value to the customers. We will continuously improve our processing, inspection, transport and storage.


We will act in a way that we exceed customer satisfaction by offering the best services in the market.

Challenges of the future

We will face the future uncertainties, chaos and turbulence by constantly changing ourselves and undertaking continuous improvement.

Total satisfaction

We will give our customers total satisfaction of service by offering value-added services in which the service contents exceed the customer’s expectation and add more value to the customer’s needs.


We recruit and develop our people based on their knowledge, skills, accomplishments and potential. We believe that knowledge and skills are essential and that personality (competencies and values) is decisive in people's professional and personal growth.

Career growth

We give our people the chance to grow with us as part of a team and to develop a long-term career within RD Plast. Career growth refers to any higher position that the team member's aim for, which provides satisfaction and prestige.

We commit towards continual improvement in Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Operations and Service to meet the challenges of the future and provide total satisfaction to our customers.

We will continually develop our people and provide opportunities for their career growth and continuous learning.

We will improve standards of living, create good work environments and world class result-oriented culture for all the team members.